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A National Ambulance Service in India is a very new concept, which commenced for the first time in 2004. However, is should be noted that India’s ability to develop such an Ambulance Service in order to provide pre-hospital emergency care to patients from a wide range of demographical and socio-economical areas of India. The Ambulance Service of India apparently attends close to 4 million emergencies per year, which makes it one of the largest Ambulance Services in the world.
The Ambulance Service of India has developed so rapidly that even Health Organizers from the United States are keenly observing India’s Emergency Call Taking and dispatching centers as they believe that India is capable of becoming world leaders in Ambulance Practice.
Advatech Healthcare Pvt Limited is the pioneer in providing high standards, air conditioned, safe, clean, hygienic, professional and cost effective private Air www.ambufly.com and Ground ambulance services in Eastern India since 2010.
Book My Ambulance www.bookmyambulance.in is one of its kind initiatives to safe, comfortable and cost effective big air conditioned ambulance services in Kolkata. Since 2010, Advatech Healthcare helped more than 10,000 patients to be moved from various hospitals in Eastern India to their home or other hospitals.
Advatech Healthcare is the only company that started long distance high end ICU and Cardiac care ambulances for critically ill patients to move across the country for better treatments.
Advatech Healthcare also offering 24*7 healthcare emergency services and training for various corporates in Eastern India.

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Advatech was launched in 2010 after 5 years long market research and activities, when Mr Samit Biswas, CEO was exploring the opportunities of Medical Tourism for India. Having had 20 years experience in the healthcare industry Samit was well networked with all the major hospitals in India. During the process of moving patients, tissues and samples from one region to another, it became apparent that there were clear gaps in organizing efficient medical transport. There was a need to improve the co-ordination and quality of the ‘pick up’, safe transport and ‘drop off’ facility at all times. By 2014, a dedicated team of professionals had been recruited to run Advatech’s medical transport services. The service has now been increased with a number of technological innovations, which run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are now able to securely access the entire logistics pathway and patients’ movement online and through smartphones.
We have introduced a business model TACIT (Technology, Administrative, Consultancy, Infrastructure and Training) on which we have built our healthcare services. TACIT services are now being expanded in the UK and there are clear long-term economic benefits of delivering these TACIT services within the UK and to other countries  India, Pakistan and countries within the middle east

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